Stewards of the Land and Shepherds of the Flock

With a deeply rooted purpose in sustainable agriculture and passion for pursuing the craft of winemaking, Felted Fields was created organically in 2020. It began with a dire need to contain noxious weeds surrounding our homestead with some steep terrain, and soon grew into a labor of love. The foundational flock of four ewes quickly captivated our hearts with their personalities and amazing productivity in weed abatement. These four petite ewes quickly reduced the countless hours of weed whacking that had transpired the year prior, to four low-maintenance rotational grazings.

As spring blossomed in the new year, our paddocks were lush and green, and sustained our growing flock throughout the summer. Watching the productivity of targeted grazing and the health of our flock, the inspiration to share the babydoll breed and their benefits emerged. This passion was quickly coupled with our passion for winemaking and vineyard sourcing. To honor the flocks purpose, with infinite rolling paddocks under oak trees and vineyards rows, while educating and paying tribute to the foundation of all agricultural success and soil health.

Our mission of sharing babydoll sheep through responsible breeding and grazing allows us to support our community through our continued commitment to sustainable farming practices and nourishing the terroir of the Central Coast.

Jourdan and Kevin Paup

family photo with sheep
caring for lamb
sheep dog
feeding sheep

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