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Not all businesses have the bandwidth and resources to maintain a flock, but may still wish to add regenerative grazing to their cultural practices. In addition, some grazing needs are season-dependent, meaning they do not require permanent grazing or would benefit from a short-term targeted grazing approach. Grazing contracts are a sustainable solution to address weed abatement, spring emergent weeds, and clean vineyards/orchards, while increasing soil fertility. This approach mimics natural ecosystems and has a multitude of benefits.

Sustainability and soil regeneration are at the core of baby doll sheep grazing. Utilizing this small heritage breed minimizes soil impaction, increases active microbial biomass, minimizes herbicide use, and acts as an effective tool to mitigate wildfires.

For example:

  • Traditionally, larger breed sheep are grazed through vineyards prior to bud break or after harvest to minimize crop damage. However babydolls often stay in vineyards and orchards for longer durations due to their inability to reach the fruiting zone.
  • A solar farm’s largest expense, after leasing the land, is vegetation maintenance. These companies have found that welcoming grazers minimizes land maintenance needs. The babydolls have minimal contact with infrastructure and solar panels, and this practice results in overall cost savings to solar operators.

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