Registrations/Health Certification:

Our flock is registered with both OEBMSSR ( Link website) and NABSSAR (link website) . We strive to uphold breed standards of both registries while also maintaining a deep commitment to biosecurity and flock health. Our breeding program emphasizes confirmation, productive tendencies, and economic traits. All of our lambs are dam raised and stay with their mothers until 16 weeks of age as they transition into grazing green pastures or vineyard blocks.

As the first HTS (Health Tested Sheep) flock in California, we continue to pursue genetic diversity and decrease the spread of disease (INSERT NABBSAR LINK). The flock is tested annually for Johne’s, OPP, Q-Fever, CL, and Brucellosis, through the accredited lab at UC Davis.

In addition, we test all sheep for Scrapie Susceptibility at codon 171. We only sell and utilize rams within our breeding programs with “RR” at codon 171. Eliminating scrapie disease through genotyping ensures a sustainable pathway towards making a flock scrapie-resistant without sacrificing desirable genetics.

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